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How to Generate Links to Add to Your Website

Welcome to the FareHarbor Distribution Network (FHDN)!

Next steps:

– Connect your bank account to your FareHarbor Dashboard (this ensures that you will receive your commission on a monthly basis!)

– Choose tours & activities you’d like to promote from the FHDN Directory. Use the location filters to select a region, country, state, city or island to limit your search. You can also search by company name. Once you have found activities you’d like to promote, you can paste the links directly on your website or post.

Tip: You can preview any tour/activity by clicking “Preview Booking”. Right click and view in a private or incognito window to avoid having to log out.


Once you’ve decided on the activities you want to resell, click “Copy Referral Link” to get a unique customized url that can be integrated on your website. This link will automatically be saved to your clipboard, and FareHarbor will be notified that you have generated each link. This Unique Customized URL will be tagged with your company as the affiliate, and it is very important that you do not change this URL!

Integrate this URL on your website and start generating bookings! Once you have completed your integration, please notify your FareHarbor Distribution Team representative so we can complete a quality control review. Need assistance integrating your links? Share the Google doc you created with your FareHarbor Distribution Team representative, and we will take care of the integration for you.


Tip: We recommend that you paste the URL (PC: CTRL + v | Mac: COMMAND + v) into a Google doc, and share this Google doc with your FareHarbor Distribution Team representative.


Calendar Link and Script

For times when you need to add a calendar to your website, we offer two options: a Calendar Link that can be attached to any button and a Calendar Script for integrating a detailed calendar.

Calendar Link

Visit our directory and copy the desired booking link, after you can customize using our Link Customizer.

Calendar Script

With the links you can copy on our directory, you can visit our Link to Calendar tool convert to a script which you can use on your website.


In addition to book buttons you can also use a calendar embed or create a list of activities using our custom embed builder. Please keep in mind the embed builder requires using custom code on your website. We recommend keeping custom embeds to no more than 12 activities.

In this embed generator you can customize colour, font size and order.

You can find additional integration tools here –

a screenshot of a boat next to a body of water

Important Note: Lightframe API required

To get the customer to stay on your website and the booking process to be a “pop-up” overlay please follow the instructions below.

Once per page

Copy the code below and paste it right above your page’s closing </body> tag. This is required for the Lightframe booking overlay to function. Learn more ›

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

FareHarbor Plugin

To have the code automatically added to your wordpress website, you can download and install our FareHarbor Plugin.


As a FareHarbor Distribution Network (FHDN) affiliate, you are earning a 15% commission on all confirmed bookings you generate for a tour provider. Your commission will be transferred to your bank account every 10th business day of the month following the activity taking place.

Ex: In January, you generated a booking for an activity taking place in February. Your payout for this booking will be deposited on the 10th business day of March.

Please note: for canceled and partially-refunded bookings, you will receive your commission proportionally to the amount the tour provider has been paid.

Minimum Fee

There is no minimal threshold to be met to be part of the program, and no fee to participate. This means that the full 15% commission will be deposited into your bank account for bookings you generate.


If a booking is canceled and fully refunded, no commission will be paid out for the booking. If the booking is partially refunded you will still receive the 15% commission on the unrefunded balance.


Setting up your Bank Account

Make sure to setup your bank account in order to get paid.

  • Login into your dashboard
  • Go to Settings
  • Banks and Payments
  • Add a Bank Account
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Reporting and Analytics

At the moment, we are still building out the reporting section in the FareHarbor dashboard for FHDN affiliates. Until this is launched, we send monthly booking reports along with the commission payout, and offer the option to connect your GA4 account to the companies you are promoting. We can also send weekly reports upon request. Please email [email protected] to learn more.

Tracking the Bookings

You can use GA4 to track the bookings that are generated through your website. Reach out to [email protected] with the list of companies and items you are selling along with your GA4 Stream ID and we can set up the connection for you.

Client Information

Due to privacy reasons, we cannot provide any personally identifiable information (PII), including customer name or contact information.

Google Analytics

You can track the sales that go through your website using our integrations with Google Analytics, you will receive data regarding the tour booked and the subtotal. To start receiving this conversion data we need the GA4 Measurement ID and the list of companies which you are reselling.

Do not know where to find the GA4 Measurement ID? Find it here


Getting Started

Payouts and Reporting